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Healing * Education * Renewal 

Holistic Wellness

At HER Wellness of Cadillac, a client's comfort is our first priority. We work together to improve overall health and wellness through biofield therapy, purposeful breathing, and healing frequencies in a comfortable, relaxing environment. 


The universe of the Milky Way galaxy with stars on the night sky background. There is a di

Your BODY's ability
               to HEAL is
GREATER than anyone has permitted
               you to BELIEVE. 

Pslam 51:10

"Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all."

Donna Goddard

Heart-Centered Therapy to help

  • reduce stress

  • reduce pain

  • improve anxiety

  • enhance immunity

  • enhance recovery

Complimentary to Standard Medical Care

  • safe for all ages

  • standardized

  • non-invasive

  • biofield therapy

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