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Healing * Education * Renewal 

Holistic Wellness



We aspire to bring hope and healing to our clients through shared knowledge and mutual understanding grounded in love, using the least invasive, most sustainable therapies.


We believe food is our first 'medicine', and even small changes can have a significant, positive impact on personal wellness. 


We believe finding the root cause is just as important as relieving symptoms. 

We feel a person should be heard, as well as, valued, understood, and believed. 

We trust each person has a unique story individual to their knowledge, experiences, and perspective.

We believe the client-provider relationship should develop in an unbiased, non-judgmental environment with open and honest communication. 

We embrace all questions and encourage increasing understanding of your body and wellness. 

We believe a person should know and understand their body and health through mindfulness and cultivation of body intuition.

We embrace the client's unique position on their health journey and work within the client's abilities, resources and understanding. 

We believe in an integrative approach to wellness, including functional, holistic, conventional, and energetic therapies to address all aspects of one's health, including spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual, and social. 

We strive to stand "next to and slightly behind" the client to encourage the client to take the lead in their wellness journey as we guide and support along the way. 

We believe the body has an innate ability to heal when given the correct tools and nutrients in an environment that supports healing. 


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